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You've got an amazing business and your loyal fans know it. And if you're ready to reach new audiences, rebrand your business, or launch new products/services you need two things...

Storytelling & Strategy

We help motivated businesses and organizations elevate their industry position with smart marketing, content, and websites. 

Stories that Sell

We apply marketing strategy and story psychology in all of your marketing, from website creation to content subscription.

Your Magic Words

We use branding and SEO strategies to help you create a premium vocabulary for your products and services. 

A Single Narrative Line

Get a clear and compelling message that aligns your product and services and gets you found online.

Tell Us About Your Business

Founded by a marketing geek and a story nerd.

Together they obsess about your business.

Kyle Sexton, Business Strategist

Kyle's entrepreneurial mindset has led him to start multiple businesses, and for the last 25 years, he's been helping business organizations across North America fix their offer problem and migrate their pricing model to earn millions in annual recurring revenue. When he's not doing what Victoria calls Ky-alysis (analyzing every business he walks into), he's naming the deer that visit his property. 

Victoria Payne, Brand Storyteller 

Victoria's spent a lifetime helping people connect their stories with their audience, first as an English professor and later as a brand storyteller and copywriter. She uses her story IQ and writing chops to elevate brands across industries, from dating apps to food entrepreneurs. Kyle will tell you that when she's not chasing a client story, she's waving to flaggers and talking to strangers. 

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For existing businesses with a history of serving their clients with integrity and best-in-class offerings, consulting gives you the highest levels of access and transformation for your business. Click the button below to tell us about your business. 

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For growth-minded businesses who want a combination of done-for-you and done-by-you services. Our menu lets you prioritize what you need now with options for website, copywriting, and content creation. 

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You need better messaging and content for your website and you're on a budget. Our course walks you through how to find the right words to talk about what you do for your core website pages at a price every business can afford.

Coming April 2023

Chef Ian Pecoraro, Creator of the Culinary CSA Box

"My work with InkMakers has shaped my own perception of my business, Cellar Door, and what is possible for it...not just this year and the next, but a decade and more down the line."

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Flex Your Star Power.

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Find Your Story.

Our Story Workshops help you discover, articulate, and name what makes your business special.


Get famous doing what you love.

Attract more clients, repeat customers, and positive PR with contagious copywriting and storytelling.

Transform your business potential into an unlimited upside

Marketing Strategy,  Storytelling Websites, & Content Subscriptions for the Brilliant Business

Tell Us About Your Business

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